mercredi 2 janvier 2013

About Darfour and Africa, a puppet game, infinite.

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A people in the bad place at the bad time

Puppets infinite, and at the top, money and oil AND WAR CRIMINALS impunished [about that, where is Hissène Habré, Mitterand's friend? (40 000 victims at least?) disappeared, pffff ! as a soap bubble. Strange, no?] Not entirely disappeared because his wife recently filed complain (at police!) for stealing jewelry and money from several million E !! about 22 !

 May be an explanation ? 

Another one ?

(colonizers motto) 

Legacy of colonization : artificial countries whose borders were drawn with a ruler (!) and different ethnic groups between the two parts, ruled by puppets of former colonizers (France, England) with their allies (Lybie*) ..puppets themselves of USA, China etc... attracted by the oil. A pyramide of puppets, the more powerful at the top! Victims : people as "four" for instance, about 300 000, mostly civilians, by fire (by Janjaweed islamic militia -araber- diligent and armed by Khartoum, massacring and deporting black peasants (forcing them to flee) and condemned them to die of hunger and thirst. "War crime" says ONU, nevertheless impunished. The Sudan does not want black African country (the south and west, a "country in the country") becoming rich (by the oil that is discovered here) and independent. (The religion of course is only a pretext.)
* For instance, we learn recently that Gaddafi (Lybie) would have partially financed... electoral campaign of Sarkozy (France) ! according to Taikedine (a "suitcase carrier" implicated in the drama of Karachi !!) Great !! world is little !!

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